Analytical Solutions

Customer data analytics and customer insights provided through transaction and profile data has always been at the core of all the campaigns.

Superior capabilities in analytics allow us to deliver advanced marketing insights through analysis of transaction records, as well as profile and survey data. Our deliverables are not about intricate statistical models but about the essential business necessities. Data Direct Analytics practices encompass Customer, Retail, Loyalty and other marketing analytics.

Customer Analytics: Customer analytics is playing a very important role in the prediction of customer behavior whereby customer behavior is used to help make key business decisions via market segmentation and predictive analytics.

Retail Analytics: The architecture principles of our analytics solutions ensure that the most appropriate method and model’s form are used to answer a retailer’s specific needs, while meeting demanding performance and scalability requirements.

Loyalty Analytics: Loyalty analytics includes shopper insight, promotion and category planning, customer segmentation, reward & partner optimization and liability management.

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