Database Development & Management

Data management is a core business function of Data Direct. Successful one-to-one dialogue and marketing practices start with accurate and formatted databases.

We take data in any format and output a standardized and formatted database that is ready to use. Our data management process covers expertise in various functions such as:

  • Data Warehousing: Uniform data and format structure with ETL tools
  • Data Processing: Migration, Standardization, MIS, Communication
  • Data Capturing: Manual, Automated (Scanning)
  • Multi point Data Management: Web/Intranet based multipoint access, upload, amendment authority, and administrative/usage rights
  • Application Support: Requirement analysis, application design, solution mapping, application development, implementation
  • Integration: Data and Communication integration for multipoint information processing, tracking and action standards

Data sourced through historic campaign responses and new campaign forms are channeled through an extraction, transformation and loading process (ETL) into the data warehouse or central data management repository. This data then becomes available for various user transactions and analysis and finally funneled into data consumption module used for fresh marketing activities or campaigns

Data is then grouped into clusters and potential prospect data is validated. The final enhanced data is then de-duped followed by data encoding and encryption as per data security policies employed before uploading to the data warehouse.

According to our database language treatment policies:

  • Contact Database Fields like Name, Salutation, Designation, Company (all info that is to be used for personalization and printing) should be stored as customer’s preferred language of communication & uniform language as in the data warehouse
  • Rest of the attribute and profile information should be stored in Uniform language across the database for analysis purpose
  • Qualitative comments in original language
  • Data can be personalized and printed in either languages but for analysis and representation purposes require a uniform language

 Our data mapping and de-duplication techniques are

  • De-duping on fields like P.O.Box, Telephone, Mobile
  • Manual mapping across identity fields like nationality, gender, residence in combination with name
  • Duplicate tagging drilled down to unique name
  • Record grouping for example on family through combination of fields like family name, P.O.Box. and Telephone/Mobile
  • Voice & Vowel – Phonetics

Database management tools used onsite currently

  • SQL Queries
  • Stored procedure in T-SQL
  • Java procedures
  • Third Party Tools like DQ Global’s Sure Data Toolkit developed in visual basic

Database Systems and Infrastructure

– Operation Systems: Windows98/NT/2000, Novell Netware 4.0, Red Hat Linux 7.0

– RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2000, MySQL

– Front End: Visual Basic 6.0/Crystal Reports, Developer 2000

– Web Programming: JSP, Servlets, ASP, PHP, CGLPerl, XML, WML, Javascript

– Reporting: Crystal Reports, SPSS

Our database administrators are qualified and trained to handle and work on whatever back end structures have been deployed by clients with existing data infrastructure. Thus a full-fledged CRM programme with Data Direct guarantees an end to end solution for all marketing activities.

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