Database Creation




Database Creation

Based in the UAE, a leading provider of news and business information in the Middle East covering fourteen countries.

Challenge: To create an online business directory with easy retrieval features.

Data Direct carried out the following activities to meet the objectives of the project.

  • Collect hardcopy and CD directories from different industry segments throughout Middle East
  • Define the field and characters for capturing these records
  • Data Capture them with industry sector information following a pre-defined pattern and quality check
  • Sort the industry segments to arrive at a conclusive list of industries
  • De-dup this captured database to arrive at unique records and standardize the industry segments
  • Clean and standardize the previous database of client on the basis of predefined business rules
  • De-dup the previous database of client with the newly captured database and arrive at a unique enriched data list
  • Follow NAICS coding to standardize the complete database for easy retrieval purposes

Approximately 800,000 records were captured from various sources. This was then standardized and de-duplicated. A final data count of 250,000 new records with NAICS classification codes were handed to client at the end of the project.