A leading local bank in UAE – Case Study




A leading local bank in UAE – Case Study

A leading local bank in UAE, with a strong presence in Consumer and Corporate Banking, is a leading provider of technology-enabled services. In its objective towards complete automation of processes, the bank was in urgent need for a solution that would enable end-to-end automation of its key business processes and also provide integration with its existing applications. Newgen Technologies and Data Directs together being business partner provided the bank with a BPM-enabled workflow platform that not only helped the bank to automate its processes, but also allowed seamless integration of the BPM solution with the existing applications.


Starting its operations in 1985, it has established itself as the bank of choice for a large number of customers in the UAE. The bank has been making steady investments in its IT infrastructure and business automation solutions. Along with a core system, the bank also uses a card management system for debit and credit cards, a courier system for dispatch and tracking of customer documents, and a Short Messaging System (SMS) application for customer communications. However, most of these applications and processes were operating without any integration between each other. The bank wanted a solution which would provide the platform for complete automation and integration between processes and existing legacy system. This requirement was also in line with the bank’s commitment towards technology adaptation for restructuring programme aimed at becoming the most preferred bank for both external and internal customers.

Key Challenges

Process Related

  • Physical transportation of documents between departments and branches increased the waiting time for Central Processing Department, which had to wait for documents to arrive from branches to start processing
  • Delay in identifying discrepancies as verification was being done only at Central Processing Department
  • Time-consuming process that affected TAT because of:
  • Duplication of data-entry activities in standalone systems
  • Time required for searching and extracting of information from different sources


Data Related

  • High percentage of erroneous data–existing application did not support data validation and verification at the time of data entry
  • Difficulty in compliance management and auditing


Customer Service

  • High turnaround time for account activation–users were unable to initiate account opening process directly in the core system
  • Delays in customer communication–it used to take 4-5 days to inform customer’s of their account activation


Document Related

  • Difficulty in accessing and tracking of documents
  • High risk of documents getting misplaced or lost
  • No features to scan and upload images of documents in the system


User Related

  • Low productivity–the standalone application made the process cumbersome and time consuming due to work duplication, inability to access data from other systems and document dependency
  • Difficulty in monitoring and tracking user performance
  • Challenges in increasing employee efficiency
  • Data Direct teamed up with our partner Newgen Technologies and provided the bank with a customized solution, consisting of the following products:
    • OmniFlow – workflow solution
    • OmniDocs – document management solution
    • OmniScan (OmniCapture) – image capture and indexing solution

In the initial phase, we helped the bank automate one of its most critical processes, the Account Opening process.  Integrated with the bank’s existing core application, the solution provides easier and faster data exchange across systems. Buoyed by the results achieved within a short time of deployment, the bank also implemented and automated a number of other key processes such as Customer and Account Maintenance, Term Deposit Initiation and maintenance on the BPM platform. At present, the solution has been implemented across 43 branches of the bank and supports 706 users. Every month, more than 61,000 documents are scanned and imported into the workflow for processing. For Account Opening, the system processes approximately 245 applications every day and can be easily scaled up to meet any future requirement of the bank.

  • Allowed real-time integration with the bank’s core system and other applications
  • Enabled the bank to easily capture extensive customer information
  • Reduced TAT for Account opening and other processes
  • Provided better and faster access to documents and customer information
  • Ease in handling complex processes having multiple if else- then condition
  • Scalable solution that enabled faster rollout of initiatives
  • Unified interface for all the underlying applications providing business users with enhanced ease of usage and perform multiple tasks through single system access
  • Enhanced performance tracking of the business users, process and TAT
  • Extended availability of the solution by providing secured access to the bank’s Direct Selling Agents