Leading Wellness




Leading Wellness Brand in UAE

A widely known wellness & fitness brand over 2 decades old with a history of revolutionizing the wellness industry to acquire the status of being the Number 1 Wellness Brand in South Asia & Middle East, and a presence of 300 locations across 109 cities in 9 countries.

Challenge : Reinvent a loyalty program which was managed traditionally through loyalty cards and physical mailing which mostly did not reach the customer on time or not reach at all. The need was to carry forward and improve the existing loyalty program to re-capture the member base that was phasing out.

  • Data Direct provided the client with a real time and highly intelligent loyalty solution that can be configured for instant communication
  • Migrating from a card based to card less real time program ensuring information at the fingertips for the POS system user and the customer.
  • Instant accruals and redemption
  • High end analytics and insights into customer life cycle in the existing program.
  • Customer segmentation based on RFM analysis of the member activity.
  • Product and product group analysis to get insights on the affinity for members and target cross sell and up sell campaigns to appropriate segments.
  • Win back campaigns for lapsed customers resulting in incremental revenue.

The highly enhanced real time solution the customer engagement with the program increase exponentially. Instant campaigns and targeted campaigns derived out of member lapse analysis, product analysis and RFM helped win back inactive customers and repeat usage of its services.