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Data Direct provides the perfect solution for Document Storage, File Storage and Management Services.

Whether you have thousands of sensitive medical records or critical business record that need onsite/offsite storage or piles of paper that need sorting and indexing.

Onsite Record Management

The Records and Information Management team at Data Direct provides you with consultation, design, implementation and support for your  record management needs , working with you to integrate your current records management system keeping with best practices along with international standards. This will ensure improvement in quality of your process, better utilization of office space, and provide needed guidance to manage your compliance and audit requirements

Offsite Record Management

We also provide Offsite Records Storage and Management that is designed to help you lower your operating costs, free up your valuable office space, create more value from information assets, and protect your organization from the risks of litigation and disaster. Over the years, Records Management & Archiving Offsite records storage programs have helped businesses and organizations save up to 50%, lowering costs associated with storage space, personnel, and records management.


  • No exit fees or permanent withdrawal charges
  • State of the art Facility and Technology
  • Flexible and user friendly Invoices and reports
  • Strict protocol for document access and information requests
  • Active File and open shelf management and tracking
  • Best business practices ensure competitive prices
  • Short service request turnaround time, GPS monitored delivery

Cheque Management Services

With the increased acceptance of PDCs, storage and maintenance issues are much greater than before. Financial departments and institutions find it difficult to keep up with efficient tracking on the cheques received, presentation of cheques for clearing on due dates and storage of postdated cheques. The challenge therefore, is to take care of warehousing support for easy retrieval of physical cheques, tracking based on due dates and presenting the cheques collected on due dates. At Data Direct, we offer a reliable cheque truncation /cheque management service with core expertise in PDC, Security and Loan cheques.


We are one of the best consulting companies providing management consulting services on various innovation, strategy, problem solving and business transformation in the fields of information management. Our expert business consultants partner with clients in bringing effective solutions to meet the day to day challenges of their critical business activities.
Media Storage

The Data Direct Media Storage Service offers complete safety and protection that is needed for media data storage. Our tape vaulting not only provides storage vaults that are temperature controlled and devoid of damaging contaminants, but also offsite data rotation and tape rotation. Our offsite data and tape rotation service is a convenient service that allows a scheduled pickup and delivery of media information. Our Media Vault is equipped with state-of-the-art storage environment protected by FM200 Gas suppression system. Inside the vault, heat and smoke detectors are connected along with Biometric restricted access at entry point. Controlled Personnel Access for further mitigation of risk as well as temperature and humidity monitoring system ensure complete safety and security of your data.

Shredding Services

 Increasing regulations and consumer demands for protection of personal information, and also the need to protect employees and stakeholders make timely shredding an essential part of your records management program. Once retention periods are reached, documents are securely destroyed in line with standard rules and regulations, saving storage costs.

Electronic Document Management Systems 

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) supports the business life cycle and management of documents information including data and any combination of text, images, graphics, voice, and video. Various technologies can be integrated to create a single system for information management. Combining multiple software applications and providing a common interface to them through the desktop is an excellent solution for any business.

Business Process Management

Data Direct’s result oriented Business Process Management translates strategy into execution, using processes and pressure points as the critical link to help organizations realize immediate and measurable results while establishing a BPM environment. We first develop process-based governance and assets enabling you to decide what can be innovated and what not to change. We then drive this to execution by aligning technologies, mobilizing people through change management and making rapid adjustments.

Enterprise Image Capture Solution 

We offer the most advanced, high-volume image capture solutions that streamline processes and deliver critical throughput efficiencies. Thus, any global enterprise can elevate business productivity with instant online data access. The capture solutions take paper out of the business processes and convert it to images for storage and processing. Our Intelligent Enterprise Image Capture software also helps you lower costs, minimizes risk and connects the information required to get your job done.

Customer Communication Management

Customer Communication Management solutions help you create and control all customer communications related information – including transactional, on-demand and interactive documents. Our solution can be linked with any form of media communication. Documents can be sent in through print, fax, web, email or SMS. This innovative solution improves customers experience through the automation of customer communications – the perfect solution for business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations.

Workflow Solutions 

We provide a complete software solution to design, deploy, manage and optimize business processes. It facilitates the complete digitization and automation of your business processes, circling the various phases of design, documentation, execution, monitoring, control and even extension of your business processes, thereby providing a platform for continuous improvement in your line of business.

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