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Data Direct is backed by a state-of-the-art contact centre manned by multilingual experts who are adept at everything  from customer service to tele-sales.

The Contact Center is a vital tool that enables our clients to build customer & trade relationships at cost effective prices. Our Contact Center solutions can be added to your plethora of offerings, lending you an unprecedented human touch.

Lead generation: Lead generation is an important aspect of growth in today’s business space. At Data Direct, we help  organisations achieve their sales targets by generating leads supported by our own database and Contact Centre agents who make appointments on behalf of  the sales person. We generate leads in both Business to Business and Business to Consumer spaces by targeting companies with Calls, SMS and Email marketing

Telemarketing: Our in-house Contact Centres are effectively used for our telemarketing activities. Over the last 10 years, we have been actively involved in the financial and insurance sectors selling a variety of products for banks and insurance companies.

Human Resource: We have a our own fully functional Call Centre, which has over a 100 operators and uses state of the art technology. Each staff  undergoes rigorous scrutiny before being hired and continuous assessment and training sessions during his or her tenure.

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